Amanda's Tutorials

For more than a year (since I started taking 3D seriously, in 2019), people have been asking me to make tutorials. Worry no more, for all your prayers have been finally answered.

Starting from today, I'll make comprehensive tutorials that will reveal all my secrets on this great journey in the 3D world.


We begin our journey here. Walk with me while I guide you through the process of making one of my scenes - from the initial Blender settings and Cycles settings, to lighting, materials and everything in between.

Blender version used: 2.91.2

Render engine: Cycles

Skill level: Intermediate

Time to complete: 2 to 6 hours


For about 3 years, I've been reluctant to try Eevee for interior renders.... and now I fully regret doing so.

In this tutorial, we'll see just how powerful Eevee can be for ArchViz and how easy it is to set it up (for the most part).

Blender version used: 2.91.2

Skill level: Intermediate

Time to complete: 3 to 7 hours.


When I published my first tutorial, there was a vote to what should be our next tutorial. The winning project was "Reading By The Window". Sadly I got a little busy at the time and couldn't make this tutorial... until now!
Not as "hand-holding" as my other two tutorials, "Reading By The Window" will guide you through the general process of creating the scenes you can see on the left.