You know, I always wanted to experiment with porcelain ever since I started with 3D, but I never had the tools to get anything fancy going on. A few months back I bought Substance Painter (and Designer) and I had some free time to kill. Put 1 and 1 together and you get... exactly, a teacup. Or a coffee cup, whatever your drug is.

Take a look at it:


Now, I'm willing to make an experiment here: I have no problem giving my models away for free, to everyone. However, the community has to show some interest in the following process: I work hard to make long tutorials for free and give away good models for free, so long as there's an incentive from the community. So, here's what I'm willing to do: I'm currently sitting with only 4 Patreons by my side, but if I reach 10 Patreons in the next 5 days (regardless of tier) I'll give away this model for free to everyone (and more to come if we hit more Patreons). I understand that not everyone can become a Patreon, but the ones who can will be helping out everybody: me and those who would benefit from not only this, but all my models to come.

The cup and plate are super nice and include:

- High poly meshes, unwrapped;

- High quality 4K textures;

- The scene I rendered them in (with that awesome lighting).

If you think all the work I put into making the cup is worth 5,00 USD and think everyone should have it (and more models for free later), please consider becoming a Patreon. The more we grow, the more we can help each other: more (and more often!) tutorials and models will come out.

To become a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BlenderGirl/membership




And what if we hit more than 10? Tell you what: if we make it to 15 Patreons I'll model and texture a nice teapot to go along with the cup and plate, and a nicely modeled/textured teaspoon as well. If we make it to 20 Patreons, I'll model and distribute an entire new fancy porcelain collection, like the one bellow, but it will have two sets: one new, and one worn out (like this teacup). EDIT: not only that, I'll release a "Kitchen Start Pack" too! (See images bellow).

If it sounds fair, I'll be more than welcome to have you onboard our Patreon family :)

Example of the collection I speak of.


Kitchen Starter Pack

(20 Patreons or more)