By downloading the teacup models/textures you agree to the following custom license:

You are permitted to:
- Use this model to produce commercial renders/animations for clients;
- Distribute the model if it's part of a scene that has an artistic or storytelling purpose (e.g. in a breakfast scene that you produced for a client, this scene having many other objects to fulfill the artistic/story purpose, to then deliver the scene to said client).


You are NOT permitted to:
- Directly sell this model or the textures on any website that sells models/textures;
- Sell this model as part of a pack (e.g. a "breakfast models pack") without explicit consent from the original creator.

To download it: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VM1p7K2dmkeoKVfIUo_yiSx8p9Eri4fs?usp=sharing