One of the most
accurate and detailed Lego Minifigures is here!


The wait is OVER - Our new Lego Minifigure is here and it's better than ever! With all newly redesigned topology and 2K textures, this is one of (if not THE) most accurate Polygonal Lego Minifigure out there. Bet your 5 bucks was really worth it, huh? :)

After looking at hundreds of references and blueprints, I think I was able to come up with a very accurate Lego Minifigure that will make your renders shine. All parts connect perfectly, which means you can also 3D-print them!

It was a blast to make this toy as I'm a huge Lego fan. I hope you enjoy it as well!


Q - How is the topology?

A - It's all quads, but I decided to publish it as High-Poly only.

Q - Why High-Poly only?

A - You can think of it as "insurance". I've had people grab my work and claim it as their own before, so in the case that someone tries to upload them to a website I can prove that I'm the creator of the model - both having the low-poly meshes, and having the Substance Painter files.

Q - Can we get 4K/8K textures?
A - Yes, but only via a custom request.

Q - What exactly can I do with the model?

A - There will be a LICENSE.txt file within the download. But basically, you can study the model/textures, and use them to produce renders (commercially for clients or otherwise). You cannot share the files or upload it somewhere else, specially not to websites that sell models.

Q - What comes in the download? Will we get the scene you showed before?

A - The download only concerns the license, the minifigure and it's textures. There's an OBJ file for non-Blender users, two .blend files for Blender users (one with packed textures), and the textures folder.


Before downloading, please read the following full LICENSE:

By downloading and having the Lego Skatergirl model on your computer you agree to the following license:

You are permitted to:

- Use this model to produce commercial renders/commercials/videos for clients;

You are NOT permitted to:
- Distribute this model, at all, be it directly to someone, or indirectly, such as within a 3D scene;
- Sell this model or the textures, directly or indirectly (such as within a pack of objects or a scene where the model was placed).

If you agree to the license, you are allowed to download the model bellow.

Version 1.1