I'm sorry

February 24 I sent an e-Mail to all subscribers and Patreons. Basically, I was having severe pain at my fingers' joints. I didn't know what it was but I decided to rest for a week to see if it would go away. I didn't. Sadly, because of COVID-19, most hospitals over here are either close to 100% occupancy or are at 100%+, which means the city/area I live entered "Black Flag" status, which means the public health services would only attend people that were having an emergency and/or were infected. Neither was my case so I couldn't get an appointment. There was nothing to do besides resting and taking tons of NSAID's, which didn't help at all.

Not only that, but my dad got infected with COVID-19. He's a smoker and his situation was quite worrisome (I was literally afraid to lose him), so I had to take care of him for about a week.

The public health situation over here is severe and some medications for COVID patients are not available for free to the public. This means that, unfortunately, I had to use the money donated to me (so I could get a monitor) to buy medications for my parents and to test my mom to see if she was infected or not.

Thankfully, they're both OK now :)

On my side, I'm managing the pain with a tea called "Canela de Velho" (Miconia Albicans) and arthritis medication. It still hurst, which is why I'm doing a simpler tutorial for my comeback.

So, my apologies for the delay, but these past weeks were one of the worst for me.

Hopefully we'll have immunity to this disgrace of a disease for the next 5 or 6 months, and by then hopefully my parents will have already been vaccinated.